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May 18, 2013

Stealth movie cloth badges

Finally found my Stealth movie cloth here they are

December 23, 2009

Killers Movie Promotional Water Pistol

Blue water pistol promoting the movie "Killers". Totally lame and cheap, this does not reflect well for the movie. What a total lack of effort!

Alien Resurrection Movie Baseball Cap

How many movies can you make out of a character repeatedly fighting basically the same aliens? Well if you can make the aliens bigger and meaner, you can still film a few sequels of a blockbuster and still have the movie fanatics crawling back for more. What if the ending of the last Aliens movie had the heroine terminated? Thats not really a problem for the brilliant script writers, think clones and voila, the movie studios have a solution and rolls out another sequel to ween the dollars from our wallets.

The Negotiator Movie Baseball Cap

I love this 1998 movie as it casts Kevin Spacey and Samuel L Jackson, who happen to be 2 of my favorite actors.  This is an absolutely fantastic film filled with twists and turns, if you have not watched it yet, you are really missing out on something really good! Don't negotiate, just go watch The Negotiator.

I still cannot figure out why the "IA" characters on the cap is in another colour. Is it simply the design or does it mean something?

The Dark Knight: Batman Begins Movie Umbrella

I have to state for the record... This is NOT my umbrella BUT it looks EXACTLY like mine. Its the same umbrella I got for attending the grand premiere of Batman Begins organised by DBS Credit Cards.

Black is always IN!

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